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MABioN Symposium Registration (early Bird July 15, Deadline July 22)

MABioN Symposium Registration (early bird July 15, deadline July 22)

2019 MABioN Biosafety Symposium
Aug 5-7, 2019 in Columbus OH
Important dates: MABioN Symposium Registration early bird: July 15; deadline: July 22

Have we met? Even if we had, it's been too long, don't you agree? Well, I really miss you. There! I've said it. Regardless of what you think, I always felt a deep intellectual connection between us and I don't want to wait any longer ~MABioN

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Pre-symposium Course – Biosafety Leadership:  Essential Tips For Leading In Biosafety

Pre-symposium Course – Biosafety Leadership: Essential Tips for Leading in Biosafety

Biosafety officers face several challenges ranging from limited resources, quick deadlines, factors of human error, workforce resistance, and safety culture issues.  The biosafety officer is the keystone of safety culture, serving at the intersection of the organization’s workforce and leadership.  This responsibility requires a unique set of leadership skills.  Participants attending this workshop will receive…

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