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Frequently Asked Questions about our Webinars

Q: How do I register for a webinar?

A: Our site requires you to set up an account to register for a webinar.  If you are a MABioN member, webinars are free, but you still have to register.

Q: How will I know I am registered for the webinar?

A: You will receive several emails from us.  One will be your receipt showing you have registered on our site and paid if your are not a MABioN Member.  You will also receive an email with instructions and a link to register on the GoToWebinar site separately.  If you do not receive this email, check your spam/junk folder first, then email ( us if you still don’t see the email.

Q: Will I get updates about the webinar like login information or a ticket of some kind?

A: Yes!  Once you register on the GoToWebinar site, you will receive notifications from that site about the webinar including login information and call in numbers.  You will also receive emails after the webinar to complete a survey and links to the recording of the webinar.

Q: Do you offer and how do I get credentialing maintenance (CM) points for my professional biosafety certification (RBP or CBSP)?

A: Because we are an official affiliate of ABSA International, we are able to offer CM points for our events including webinars.  We offer 0.125 points per 1 hour webinar as the normal requirement is 8 hours of instruction for 1 CM point.  To get the CM points you have to do the following 1) register for the webinar on the MABioN site, 2) register for the webinar on our GoToWebinar Site; and 3) complete the survey that you receive by email after the webinar.  We use these three requirements to verify that people have attended the webinar and to generate certificates of attendance that you can submit to ABSA for proof of earning the CM points.

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