2024 Harvard Yale IBC Biosafety Symposium (HYS 2024) – See Attached!
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This year’s event will focus on high-risk biohazardous research. The coordinated theme will involve keynote and related presentations on where we are nationally and where we are headed.
Our Employee Health/Emergency Management Roundtable will leave ample time for your questions and all attendees will receive a comprehensive sample Occupational Health plan to use as a template for developing their own plans for high risk biohazardous research at their institutions.
We’ll also feature a first of its kind “live” IBC meeting where all attendees are voting members, where you will gain direct experience in the review of high-risk research protocols. All attendees are voting members of this live IBC Committee.
The event will conclude with recent survey information on how US institutions are addressing the review of high-risk research protocols.
Please join us April 23-24, 2024 either virtually or on the campus of Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA.

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What will 2024 HYS Offer?

Pre-Conference Courses will provide learning opportunities for non-traditional biosafety applications in the field and in the clinical environment.

4-hour Course #1: Public Health Biosafety

  • Biosafety “outside” of the laboratory! See how biosafety is applied in a variety of settings (calls all BSPs get) when uncontrolled environmental conditions lead to potential exposure to biohazards that require assessment and mitigation.
  • Join Public Health professionals from the City of Boston Health Department as they lead you through the evaluation and control of biohazards in non-lab locations.

4-hour Course #2: Intersection of Biosafety and Infection Control

  • Biosafety applied in clinical settings including hospitals and outpatient clinics.
  • An expansion of Patrick Conley’s conference presentation where attendees wanted more. Patrick will expand on his enlightening NEBSA presentation on this topic.

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HYS 2024 Theme – High Risk IBC Protocols

The theme of the 2024 HYS symposium is high-risk research, including dual use research of concern, gain of function, transfer of drug resistance that may not be acquired naturally, altering the host range of pathogens, or enhancing a potential pandemic pathogen. The event will kick-off with presentations from leading policy makers who will provide an update on the current landscape in the United States on this topic and provide information on how existing policies must transition to keep up with the rapid advancements in science. We are excited to introduce our keynote speaker, Dr. Megan Palmer, a leading expert in the field, who will discuss the importance of building and utilizing an evidence base and incorporating adaptive risk management in national decision making. Dr. Samuel Weiss will follow-up the keynote with a presentation on where current DURC policies are significantly lacking and how scientists and national authorities should be working together moving forward.

Emergency Management and Occupational Health Roundtable
A roundtable on Occupational Health will also review essential elements for medical surveillance for researchers working with biohazards with many opportunities to interact with the panelists and get guidance on any pressing occupational health program questions.

Addressing occupational exposures to high-risk biohazards will be featured and attendees will also be provided with a sample comprehensive occupational health document for one high-risk pathogen experiment to use as a template for developing their own plans.

High Risk Mock IBC Protocol Review
A first of its kind interactive Mock IBC session will give all attendees an opportunity to participate in an IBC meeting where only high-risk research protocols will be presented, reviewed and discussed, and then voted upon. Attendees will receive registration documents prior to the event, will then be provided with brief presentations on the proposed research and hear from the assigned primary reviewers, before weighing in on their own opinions regarding potential risks. The protocols have been designed to be controversial and straddle the lines of regulatory boundaries.

High Risk Research Survey Update
Biosafety and Biosecurity Oversight of Dual Use Research of Concern (DURC) and Enhanced Pathogens of Pandemic Potential (ePPP)
The event will close with an updated survey on exactly where we are as individual institutions on how we establish our own guidelines for the review of high-risk research.

We look forward to sharing this unique learning opportunity this year with you.

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