The abstract submission deadline has just been extended for the upcoming MABioN symposium to May 31. Please allow me to remind you again the great reasons to present at the upcoming 15th Annual MABioN Biosafety Symposium August 5-7, 2019 at The Ohio State University, Columbus OH

  1. Not sure if your idea is good enough for a talk at ABSA International? Try it on a friendly (and captive) audience while receiving constructive criticisms (rotten tomatoes).
  2. Practice makes perfect. Practice on company dime is even more perfect!
  3. A good excuse to attend the symposium (FYI, booze included in the registration fee.)
  4. Be at THE Ohio State University!
  5. NEW THIS YEAR! Chance to win free 2019 ABSA Conference Registration and take your presentation to a whole new level.
Click here (or else……)

If you haven’t register for the Jun 7 MABioN webinar, please do so as the seats are filling up very quickly!