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Open Position: Supervisory Veterinary Medical Officer/Microbiologist (Biosafety Manager) @ the National Centers for Animal Health in Ames, Iowa

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The Biosafety Manager at the National Centers for Animal Health in Ames, Iowa was posted on at 12am Tuesday, April 11, 2017 and will be OPEN FOR ONLY 5 WORKING DAYS!

Job Description:

This position is in the Safety and Security unit of the Common Services Division and reports to the Safety and Security Unit Leader.  This unit is responsible for providing oversight and technical consultation on all environmental, health, safety, and security issues with the goal of providing and ensuring a safe and healthful environment for employees and visitors of the NCAH, in Ames, Iowa.  Areas managed include: occupational health program, biological safety program, safety and industrial hygiene programs, physical security programs, environmental protection programs and the select agent program.

  • The incumbent supervises the Biosafety Section by directing, coordinating and overseeing the work for the program;
  • Develops, evaluates, and implements comprehensive biosafety, biocontainment, and select agent compliance programs;
  • Provides expert veterinary medical and/or microbiological counsel and advice concerning the execution of policies and functions;
  • Develops unique strategies to bring programs into compliance;

Additional Information:

Interdisciplinary: Supervisory Veterinary Medical Officer/Microbiologist (Biosafety Manager)


US Citizens and Nationals; no prior Federal experience is required – Control Number: 467213500

OR  [Current Federal Employees can apply by both routes]

Current permanent Federal employees with competitive status (& other special hiring authorities) – Control Number: 467237600

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