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Open Position: Director – Research Support @ NBAF MORS, Manhattan, KS

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Job Description:

The Director – Research Support is fully responsible for oversight and coordination of scientific, research, and laboratory matters on the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility (NBAF) Management, Operations, Research and Services (MORS) contract. The Director oversees safe scientific work in an efficient, prudent, and fiscally responsible manner. The position recommends scientific strategies, policies, programs and practices to KBR PM and assumes responsibility for implementation of those approved. He/she strives to create, implement, and model a customer-centric organizational culture that focuses on efficient delivery of laboratory service and achievement.Reporting to the Program General Manager (PGM), the RD monitors/directs staff supporting scientific matters such as:

·         Customer Relations. Establishes and maintains daily interface with customers providing updates, status, reporting, issue identification/resolution. Balances customer expectations with internal business goals. Coordinates with site customer, other federal, state, and local agencies obtaining input on regulatory changes and emergency response. Meets with third party community members and stakeholders to understand concerns and adjust work processes/procedures as customer directed

·         Technical / Manpower Management.

o    Possesses detailed knowledge, scientific and laboratory equipment supporint gall research activities.

o    Leads science support discussions with NBAF federal leadership team to complete NBAF research objectives and maximizes cost effectiveness and return on investment.

o    Leads research in accordance with NBAF policies and procedures and federal laws and regulations.

o    Maintains communications with NBAF executives to facilitate efficient and collaborative science services. Coordinates directorates in science planning meetings.

o    Apprises other directorates of strategic science planning and required resources.

o    Ensures that other directorates make resources available to support science and to complete mission.

o    Serves as the external researchers’ advocate.

o    Conducts in-briefs and out-briefs with NBAF personnel.

o    Develops and applies safe laboratory principals throughout the MORS contract.

o    Establishes program-wide science support budgets and leads financial reporting.

o    Leads development of science sections of IMS in close collaboration with NBAF, and manages budget for adherence to ISM while ensuring that science support services meet KBR MORS obligations and exceed NBAF expectations.

o    Submits comprehensive and accurate after-operations science support report input.

o    Works closely with the KBR and government scientific staff to develop long-term and strategic allocation of key science support resources.

o    Maintains long-term resource projections.

o   Provides technical and business support for science support governance and oversight, safety, and quality.

·         Media and Tissue Culture. Oversees waste management and disposal including but not limited to animal carcass handling, waste bedding & feed, solid waste, sharps & needles, hazardous chemicals, non‐hazardous chemicals, radiological agents, liquid wastes, decontamination, lab cleaning and decontamination services, tansshipping in support of diagnostics/ international capacity building.

·         Regulatory Compliance. Defines and maintains a regulatory compliance structure at NBAF grounded in fundamental quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) practices to make routine such elements of compliance as documentation, training, data collection, and program reviews.

·         Federal Select Agent Registration (FSAP).   Manages NBAF FSAP process and requirements, prepares and implements strategies for successful completion of the FSAP registration authorization.

·         Risk and Threat Management. Establishes global standard of practices for critical infrastructure risk management and meets or exceeds all regulatory, scientific and social scrutiny.  Addresses all dimensions of NBAF operations. Leads operational changes in accordance with changing technology while ensuring safe and secure custody and control of all hazardous material. Responds to physical, human, control (cyber) and temporal dimensions of NBAF operation.   Integrates risk management across full NBAF program.

·         Research and Scientific Equipment Operations. Provides guidance and an operational framework for NBAF equipment needs and operations including equipment procurement, shared equipment strategies and approaches, responsibilities, responsibilities across federal agency partners, life-cycle management, and integration with other NBAF operational programs, warranty and equipment service agreements, other equipment maintenance, and core instrument calibration.

QUALIFICATIONS – SKILLS REQUIREMENTS – EXPERIENCE LEVEL (ADDITIONAL NOTES): (Please provide min. skills, education, certification, software, and other various requirements/skills for your position)


·         Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in scientific field of study (biology, chemistry, physics) from U.S. or U.K. accredited college, university or equivalent institution.

·         Advanced management/business degree (MS/MBA) desirable.

·         Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is desirable.



·         Ten+ (10) years of experience managing research laboratory ideally focused on biological, microbiological, veterinary, or zoological matters.

·         Five (5) years of experience in managing a bio-safety level (BSL) 3 or 4 laboratory environment



·         Must be a self-starter capable of working in a fast paced multi-discipline team environment with the ability to manage competing priorities to achieve team goals.

·         Proven management skills to include effective program, planning, budgeting, organizing, directing and controlling with strong decision making capabilities.

·         Excellent analytical skills – data driven, fact based, root-cause focused. Strong negotiation and conflict resolution skills to lead a team to consensus.

·         Excellent verbal, written and listening communication skills.

·         Ability to interact with contractor and government laboratory staff at all levels.

·         Ability to successfully diagnosis scientific and research issues.

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