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FINAL CALL! Jun 7, 2019 | MABioN Webinar – Observations and Lessons Learned from the Eye of the Storm

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MABioN is proud to offer a webinar discussing

Observations and Lessons Learned from the Eye of the Storm (Gain-of-Function from the U of Wisconsin Biosafety personnel perspective)

In fall 2011, two manuscripts, one from Dr. Yoshihiro Kawaoka at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and the other from Dr. Ron Fouchier at the Erasmus Medical Center in The Netherlands, described research resulting in mammalian transmissible H5N1 influenza viruses. This started a cascade of events including two research moratoriums, the creation of two Federal Dual Use Research of Concern Policies being created, a through public debate, and finally a framework for funding agencies to review gain of function (GOF) research for potential funding. More recently, the first project, proposed by Dr. Kawaoka, underwent the Health and Human Services Framework review for GOF research and was recommended for funding. This webinar will focus on the observations and lessons learned by Rebecca Moritz, the Responsible Official and the Institutional Contact for DURC at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The focus will be on the evolution of her role beyond biosafety and biosecurity as well as take aways for a more proactive approaches.

Presented by: Rebecca Moritz, MS, CBSP, SM(NRCM) Responsible Official/ Institutional Contact for Dual Use Research

Rebecca Moritz is a biosafety and biosecurity expert with a Bachelor of Science in Bacteriology and a Master of Science in Medical Microbiology and Immunology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She serves as the Responsible Official for the University of Wisconsin-Madison Select Agent Program. Moritz is chair of UW-Madison’s Dual Use Research of Concern Subcommittee and serves as the Institutional Contact for Dual use Research as well as an appointed consultant to the UW-Madison Institutional Biosafety Committee. She is also a lead member of the UW-Madison Biosecurity Task Force, comprised by a diverse body of experts from across campus and responsible for regularly reviewing the research programs and practices of its select agent researchers. She is a Certified Biosafety Professional with the American Biological Safety Association International (ABSA) and is a current ABSA Councilor as well as a member of multiple committees and co-chair of the Executive Steering Committee for ABSA’s 2020 Biosecurity Symposium. Additionally, she is a Specialist Microbiologist with the National Registry of Certified Microbiologists. Moritz has conducted research in both private sector and academic laboratories, including in high containment laboratories.

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