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April 27, 2017 | MABioN Webinar – Genome Editing Biosafety

MABioN is proud to offer a webinar discussing the On and Off Targeting by Genome Editing in Biomedical Research Presented by Dr. Gokhan Dalgin, University of Chicago Dr. Dalgin is a developmental biologist and staff scientist at the University of…

Free – $10

Apr 26, 2019 | MABioN Webinar – An introduction to the principles of plant pathology

Gotowebinar , United States

Similar to animals, plants are targeted by a variety of pathogenic organisms. Unlike animals however, fungal infections are the most damaging and contain the must numerous pathogenic species. In addition to fungal infections, plants also suffer extensively from bacteria, viruses, and nematodes. A better understanding of the life cycles, infection cycles, and survival structures of all of these organisms will help promote safe handling, research, and disposal of these highly destructive pathogens.



Gotowebinar , United States

MABioN is proud to offer a webinar discussing

Biosafety challenges in the operation of a gnotobiotic animal facility

This presentation is intended to cover some of the basic techniques of biocontainment and bio-exclusion utilized while performing gnotobiotic facility operations.  Included will be discussion on some of the challenges that programs may face in assessing biohazard risks, operational considerations informing best practices, and balancing gnotobiotic research and programmatic needs within an academic institution.

Dec 9 2021 noon-1pmCT | MABioN Webniar: Too Shy to Ask the Listserv

Have you ever had a biosafety question but you were too shy to post it on the ABSA listserv?  Well this webinar is for you.  Participants can submit questions and our panel of Biosafety Experts will be on hand to answer them.  All question submissions will be completely anonymous so feel free to ask any biosafety questions your heart desires.  Our panel will consist of biosafety professionals from across the country who have expertise in shipping, training, viral vectors, select agents and more.  Submit your questions! Registration instructions below.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Nov 15, 2022 noon CT | MABioN Webinar: Retooling: Adapting HAZWOPER to a biomedical academic research institution

Gotowebinar , United States

MABioN is proud to offer a webinar discussing
Retooling: Adapting HAZWOPER to a biomedical academic research institution

This presentation will describe how HAZWOPER hazardous material training can be geared to fit the needs of individuals working in an academic research institution

Presented By: John C. Bivona

University of Chicago
Director of Biosafety and Biosecurity,
Select Agent Alternate Responsible Official

John received his Bachelor of Science from Illinois State University, with an emphasis in Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), in 1994. He began his career working for an EHS consultant and then in 2000 was hired by University of Chicago EHS, where he served for eight years in multiple roles including Industrial Hygienist, EHS Officer, and Biosafety Officer/Alternate Responsible Official for the Select Agent Program.He currently serves as the primary point of contact for the UChicago Select Agent Program at the Howard Taylor Ricketts Laboratory (HTRL), which is located on the campus of Argonne National Laboratory.

John oversees all aspects of biosafety, biosecurity and incident response, including all communications related to the program, both internally within the program and externally with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and U.S. Department of Agriculture. John has numerous other certifications, including OSHA 40 – Hour HAZMAT, OSHA Hazardous Material Handling, OSHA 510 – Standards for General Industry, and First Receiver Decontamination for Hospitals and FEMA Incident Command Systems for Health Care Organizations.

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