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2017 MABioN Biosafety Symposium- call for Abstracts and Roundtable Volunteers


We are requesting abstract submissions and volunteers for roundtable discussions at the MABioN Biosafety Symposium, August 7-9, 2017, hosted by the University of Iowa.

Several roundtable discussions are planned and volunteers are needed to present a 20 minute talk on any of the topics below. We anticipate that if we can get 3-4 speakers per topic, this would be a great opportunity for everyone to participate and come away with ideas about how other institutions are managing these areas. Talks can be presented with or without slides:

  • Increasing biosafety culture at your institution
  • IBCs – Challenges/trends
  • Select Agent Program – challenges/trends
  • Green and Safety
  • Risk assessments
  • Laboratory audits and follow-up/close out of corrective actions
  • Open labs – challenges/trends

Following presentations on a topic, a discussion session will be held for additional comments/questions from attendees. Please respond directly to Haley Sinn at to volunteer for one or more sessions.

Additional talks are also needed and can be submitted through the abstract link

Responses are requested by May 25th in order to prepare an agenda for opening registration on June 1, 2017.

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